About IMA

Since our beginning in 2002, IMA has remained singularly focused on brands that help people live healthier lives. We didn’t simply add a division with “health” in the name to show our commitment to healthcare marketing and advertising. We don’t design for sneakers, or beer, or cars. We are 100% focused on and passionate about health and wellness. You see it in the brands we represent for our clients and the environment we’ve created for our people.




Customer Respect





When the going gets tough,THE TOUGH GET GOING!

Over the years, our team has changed in so many ways
but the core has stayed the same... Rich at expertise and full of skills

M.R. Hosseini

Founder and CEO

As he’ll gladly tell you, Hossein started IMA in 2002 to pioneer pharma-advertising in Iran and for more than 15 years, he’s made certain that his team will continue to improve more and more everyday in a friendly and energetic environment. The agency follows his strict standards of quality.

Ali Hosseini

Marketing and CFO

As the king's brother, Ali's footprint is visible in every aspect of the agency! This telecommunications engineer started his career here at IMA and has proven to be the most creative member of the team.
He is so good at numbers and he can also convince a cold stone with his words to do what he says!

Sina Pourabrisham

Commercial Manager and VP

A realistic-positive MBA graduate. He knows everyone from the next street bank clerk to the former minister of health. Believe it or not, he can talk about your business regardless of your field...and should you want to find him, you may find him behind his iMac searching the net!

Anoosheh Atefi

Sales Manager and PR

If you have not talked to her then you have never talked! Once you start, you won't be able to end the conversation. She loves the clients, she loves our products... and she knows how to keep the connection between the two!

Niusha Neshat

Chief Designer, 2D

A fast idea generator graphic artist. She's the queen of IMA and has been there since the very begining. Call her and name your product... recieve a new design before you hang-up, along with a smile!

Ehsan Lankarani

Chief Designer, 3D

A calm and quiet 3D game artist with loads of experience. Give him pictures, get 3D models or even get a realistic-virtual environment... as simple as that! He's also capble of producing an identical 3D copy of you.