IMA Services

We started off in the medical space, so science is at our core. We make it our business to understand the science of products.Not just the beakers-and-DNA-strands type of science. We also explore the science of the hearts, minds, and motivations of consumers.


IMA does advertising. We also do marketing, design, photography and print... and yes, we’ve built quite a reputation for creating eye-catching exhibition booths and smart gift ideas, too.


We say we advertise but in essence, we really only do one thing. We actually build brands.
We understand that successful branding is more than just bold graphics and clever headlines.

Simple yet Efficient

We've known it ever since the begining that it takes a deep understanding of what motivates people to take action and form strong personal bonds with different healthcare products.


In an industry based on flash and glitter, what do our clients really pay for? Thinking.
We understand what motivates people and how to turn that motivation into action. Then, we apply centuries of cumulative experience to every advertising, branding, digital, and sales campaign.

To the Point

IMA doesn't just provide breakthrough creative, we provide creative with the right message, directed to the right audience, through the right channels. That's our philosophy.


Our designers, architects, engineers, and administrators are highly versed in the latest digital technologies and while software development and programming are among our core capabilities, the greater focus is on how we apply that technology to developing IMA user experiences.

Ready for a new experience?

If you're not sure where to start, you may connect our staff and they will give you a hint.
Tell us what you need and we do the rest...

What our clients say

We've been fortunate enough to have a list of happy customers.
Here's what they have experienced:

We have had a very pleasant working experience with IMA Co. Responsible and professional team of IMA helps us launching our products easier, faster and more creative!

-Amir Hossein Moini Zandi
/ CEO Behshad Pharma